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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Hype Simulator - Ulkar Akhundzada

Ulkar Akhundzada - Hype Simulator artwork Hype Simulator
Ulkar Akhundzada
Genre: Photo & Video
Release Date: March 18, 2020

Get all the hype you've been dreaming of!! Enter the simulation to see how life is when the spotlight is on you!

After the set up, you get 15 minutes to experience the life of a social media star! There's so much you can do: post your own videos, receive comments and reply to them, chat with your fans (they're all bots!), and even get notifications from whoever you like!

Once your time is up, you can start all over again!!

The environment is completely controlled, and all of your data is safe, only ever stored on your own device (we do not store ANY data, including photos you upload, what you say to your "fans", search terms, profile data etc).

We are not affiliated with any other social media platform. In fact, we are not a social media platform at all. This app is merely a parody on the concept of social media fame, and serves the purpose of educating people about how digital fame feels.

We hope that after using our app, people will recognize that the important thing is not the number of likes they got, but the people they engaged with and the content they created.

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